Good Pet Dogs

The look of English bulldog is captivating; its droop and flatten face can make your heart melt. The English bulldog is a mid-sized dog breed with a large head but strong short legs that support its compact body. An adorable smile pops out of its large jaws when excited and happy. The English bulldog always wants to spend its time around people than other pets, given its mild and friendly nature. This breed possesses admirable characteristics that will make you fall in love without having a second thought.

As cute and lovable as the English bulldogs are, they require a lot of attention and care to be safe and healthy. If you are planning to buy an English bulldog, you should ask yourself, "Do I possess what it takes to cater to an English bulldog?" Knowing about the cost and benefit of adopting an English bulldog is essential to making a purchasing decision. Don't misinterpret my words; English bulldogs are one of the best family pets any household should consider adopting. However, it would be better to know the responsibilities embedded with it.

Think about the following to shape your decision;
* Do I have time to spare for the bulldog?
* Am I financially buoyant to cater to its demanding nature?
* Can I offer the bulldog the adequate care it requires? Then, ask
* Am I prepared to adopt a bulldog?

English bulldogs are good companions but have many health challenges that require the owner to be ready to devote his time to its care. This article hopes to give you insight into whether English bulldogs are good pets or not. The term good or bad is subjective, but after reading this article, you can decide where you belong. 

are english bulldog good pet?


* GREAT FAMILY PET: English bulldogs are reliable and trustworthy pets that can be a significant addition to any family. They are human-oriented dogs that shower people love, as well as want reciprocation of such love in multiple folds. If you have children in your family, consider adopting an English bulldog; its gentility and calmness can bring a suitable atmosphere to your home.

* SUITABLE AS A GUARD DOG: English bulldogs are not like other aggressive breeds, but they possess protective traits in them. They will go the extra mile to offer protection to their owner and family members. Whenever it sees something strange or potential threat, it brings out its hidden aggressiveness to confront the situation.

* COMICAL: With an English bulldog, your day can be as bright as ever because they can keep you entertained all day. English bulldog possesses amazing and funny facial expressions that can relieve your stress. You might not have a downswing mood when you keep one as your companion.

* LOW MAINTENANCE: Given that English bulldog shed moderately, it doesn't cost much to maintain their skin. Get a bristle brush to clean the body every week. To avoid destroying the protective oils on the skill, desist from excessive bathing of your English bulldog. Therefore, cleaning your pet will not cost you much in the long run.

* ADAPTATION: If you are a starter in terms of adopting a dog, you should be considering an English bulldog. It has a superb adaptation feature which is not comparable to other dog breeds. They can adjust to a new environment, people, cold weather, and an entirely new lifestyle. However, you should know that they can't cope with hot weather conditions.

Despite all the benefits that come with getting an English bulldog, it has a downside that every prospective buyer needs to reflect on before concluding to buy.


* HEALTH CHALLENGES: As a new owner or prospective buyer, the first thing you should prepare for is the health issues of your English bulldog. Its physical features are the background to likely health problems that are inimical to its well-being. The structure of the nose of an English bulldog brings about breathing difficulty. Always have in mind that English bulldogs require regular exercise and a balanced diet to avoid being overweight. Excessive weight also leads to various health problems.

* FOOD ALLERGIES: One of the challenges of adopting an English bulldog is devoting your time to study the food that is suitable for it. Most English bulldogs react to some dog food, and this can cause health issues. Take, for example, Kibble N Bits and Beneful don't go well with some English bulldog. So, you should be ready to expend your money and time to conduct various experiments to identify the right food for your pet. When someone mentions food, it sounds like a typical necessity, right? Yes, it is, but can have a significant impact on their health.

* HOT WEATHER CHALLENGES: English bulldogs find it challenging to regulate their body temperature when the weather is hot. However, they can adjust themselves to get accustomed to cold weather conditions. That is why it is advisable to create a cool spot for your English bulldog in your apartment. This is something you should be considering because hotness weakens their immune system and can make them fall sick in no time. English bulldogs are one of the brachycephalic dog breeds that can't control their body system in hot weather.


If you are reading this, it means you have read the sections above, which means you know what is right for you. An English bulldog would not cost you much in terms of maintenance, and it is a source of happiness any family can possess. But, considering its daily needs, health care expenses, health issues, do you think you can still adopt one into your family? I'm sure everyone would have different answers to that question, given our lifestyles and perspectives.

In conclusion, don't fall in love with their personalities and wrinkles without conducting extensive research. Not everyone can handle the English bulldog breeds, so make sure you possess what it takes to provide adequate care for this adorable pet regardless of circumstances. English bulldog requires care and attention. So if you think you can offer it, get one today.