Are Dogs Aggressive?

Aggressiveness is the first thing that comes to mind when anyone mentions the name “Bulldog.” People are of the notion that French bulldogs are one of the fiery dog breeds in the world. Some are afraid to get closer to a French bulldog with the fear of not being attacked by it. Therefore, they become extra careful when they see a Frenchie than other dog breeds. But the question is, “Are French bulldogs aggressive than their furry counterpart?” You will find out about that in the paragraphs below.

French bulldogs are one of the most intelligent, quiet, and fun to be with breeds with low tendencies of being aggressive. However, we should know that Frenchie has the same genes as other dogs, which implies it can be aggressive on occasions. Generally, they are great pets that can be part of any family, given its adaptation ability. They prefer to be around their owner as opposed to being lonely, which may eventually bring about aggression in them.

How do you know if your French bulldog possesses aggressive traits? Please don’t stop reading at this point as I will be highlighting signs of aggressiveness in Frenchie below

Aggression in French bulldogs happens for different reasons, and it’s usually a tough challenge for their owner to overcome, particularly after trying all their best to restrain them from being aggressive. Although French Bulldogs are friendly and adorable, we should not forget that they are animals and will always behave like one when natural forces act on them. You must be wondering what causes of this and the possible solution to keep it under check.
More often than not, aggressiveness in dog happens for almost the same reasons such as: 

are french bulldog aggressive?

FEAR: Despite its gentility and quietness, a French bulldog will move to defend itself if something scares it or feels threatened by someone. Before anything else, it will try to confront anything that feels strange in its vicinity.

BREED DIFFERENCES: Different dog breeds come with different traits. While some are cool and gentle, some are a bit aggressive. Take, for example, French bulldogs breeds are naturally with minimal aggressiveness as compared to Dachshunds, which are known to have aggressive traits in them. However, regardless of the level of aggressiveness, adequate training at the early stage can eradicate it.

PAIN: Dogs use their instinct when they are in pain, which is usually to isolate themselves when injured. At that particular moment, they will be in a state of confusion coupled with the fear that you will aggravate the pain if you come closer; thus, they become aggressive to stop anyone from touching them.

PROTECTION: Bulldogs dogs like to protect their foods without giving a chance when anyone interferes with it. In most cases, they run away with the precious item when humans or other pets approach. Some French bulldogs growl or attempt to bite when anyone tries to touch their foods. They guard any of their possession they cherish and can go as far as chasing people away.

GENDER DIFFERENCES: In most cases, male Frenchie tends to be aggressive than the female, though individual personality may come into play. As a result of this distinct difference, some female French bulldogs display higher aggressiveness than the male. However, with the right set of training, you can control it before the dog becomes an adult.

If you trace the aggressiveness of most of these French bulldogs, you will notice that they lack training right from when they were puppies. My first advice for every prospective dog owner is dog training at the early stage to eliminate bad behavior the dog might possess. Dog training increases the chances that you will have a good relationship with your furry friend.

If you are planning to get a French bulldog one day, I will be providing some information about it that shapes your knowledge about your prospective buddy.


For people who are conversant with French bulldogs, you can overlook this section. However, if you are getting to know French bulldogs, this section might be useful. Especially those who think French bulldogs are very aggressive.

The origin of the French bulldog, a.k.a Frenchie can be traced back to England, where they are bred to be a companion dog. Initially, they are excellent hunters of rodents, but in the present day, they serve as good buddies to family and friends. Frenchie dislike discrimination; it prefers to spend vast of its time with its owners. The more time they spend away from you might bring about separation anxiety, which could be the foundation for other problems.

The French bulldogs find it challenging to regulate their body temperature in harsh weather conditions, which could lead to breathing problems, as well as serious health challenges. To avoid complications and possibly loss of lives, not all airlines allow the French bulldog aboard when they plan to take-off. This decision is a result of their inability to control their body temperature to be in line with the aircraft’s temperature.

Nevertheless, the French bulldog is an awesome buddy. It requires little exercise and doesn’t bark incessantly like other dogs. They are full of energy and ready to play at all the time. If you need a pet to show you affection, get a French bulldog; they adapt to people, pets, and the environment quickly.


You can save yourself a headache in the future by training your Frenchie at an early stage of its life. Without adequate training, building the best relationship with your furry friend might be impossible. Therefore, formal training should be the first step to manage the aggression of your pet. Assign the training responsibility to a trainer with lots of dog training experience. You must note that regardless of the age of your French bulldog, trainers employ different training methods to get them under control.

If the aggressiveness starts suddenly and it requires an instant solution, examines your dog to know if it’s facing any difficulty. For instance, when it tries to bite someone or chewing something aggressively, look at its body; a hidden sheath line may be the reason for its reaction. But, it is difficult to differentiate an aggressive bite from a playful nip at times. However, when the bite is fast and sharp as opposed to regular contact with toys, it could be a sign of aggressiveness.

However, if it’s not an aggressive bite but your puppy wants to continue with its playful bite, endeavor to get some chewing toys as an alternative to biting your hands. Some get so engrossed in the act that they don’t want to stop. Yelping at it, then taking your hand away is the best way to curb such behavior - that is the sign when puppies play with each other. If it’s an aggressive bite, then you come to control them by making eye contact with them without blinking. Then, sign language and your voice to make the puppy know that what it did was wrong.


By nature, French bulldogs are calm dog breeds with a little trait of aggressiveness in them. However, any dog can be aggressive at any point in time. The best way to ensure your Frenchie is an affectionate and a good companion is by giving it adequate training; it will live to be your best friend ever.