In terms of loyalty and affection towards people, the French Bulldog offers them in abundance than other dog breeds. One major characteristic of a Frenchie is that it wants to be around its owner every moment. It might be the reason why many people are familiar with the French bulldogs across England during the 18th century. Surprisingly, a breed with a scary name possesses a feature of craving for much attention from their owner. Yes! They want to be overwhelmed with care and love always.

Whether French bulldogs love cuddling is a question that begs for an answer for many people. Cuddling is like an in-built trait of French bulldogs given the fact that they are companion breeds. Back in the 1800s, England lace workers used to sit Frenchie on their laps. Unlike other breeds, Frenchie needs to sleep a lot, given that they are brachycephalic breed. However, your French Bulldog may not cuddle if the following are lacking


Naturally, French bulldogs love cuddling. So if yours fails to cuddle, it could mean you are not giving it the attention it requires. It is the responsibility of every owner to know the essential needs of their furry friend. It is an efficient way to manage their well-being and activities. If you are a newbie to the world of French bulldogs, you should know that heat is not suitable for their health. They can become weak as well as fall sick if exposed to much hotness. If you already have one, getting an air-condition would be ideal for keeping your French Bulldog fresh and reserved. 

do french bulldog like to cuddle?


Although French bulldogs don’t need much training, it is not advisable to leave them without routine exercise. If left without adequate physical activities, they will become prone to fatigue and sickness. It will be difficult for a sick French bulldog to cuddle given a weak immune system. Also, they have lots of energy and willing to play at all times. Therefore, you should not expect it to cuddle when it still has a lot of power in it.


The right food can contribute to the chances that your French Bulldog will be cuddling. Frenchie’s body is highly sensitive, which makes it react to the food it consumes daily. Some of the reactions that may occur after consumption is mood swing and temperament. Proteinous food is ideal for your dog, minerals and vitamins inclusive. Commercialized food is not suitable for their health, give them homemade food instead. French bulldogs tend to be happy when they taste sumptuous food.


If the environment is not conducive, the probability that your French Bulldog will cuddle is very low. Frenchie is sensitive to people and things happening around them, and they will act according to the emotion they perceive. An empathetic dog, such as French Bulldog, needs training in an enabling environment. Make sure that you engage your furry friend in regular walks, where it gets to meet different people. It would be best if you were affectionate towards your pet by giving it treats. Buy toys for it keep it busy whenever it feels like playing. Above all, don’t hurt nor shout at your French Bulldog if it does something wrong.


French bulldogs differ in personality; some requires a lot of attention; while some needs safety and security assurance. Your French Bulldog might not be cuddling type, but you can train it to do so following some simple steps. Yes! Cuddling is teachable to any breeds, including French bulldogs.

One of the very few ways you can teach your French Bulldog to cuddle is by showing positivity always. Carry your furry friend, hug it with a lot of excitement in you when you see it after some hours apart; it makes it want to get closer to you more. When you are amidst your friends, allow them to play with your Frenchie; they can go on to place it on their laps. Don’t deny your pet the chance to sleep with you in the room; allow it to lay peacefully on your bed.

Also, you should know that your French Bulldog needs to expend its energy for it to cuddle. You can achieve this with a lot of exercises. Your French Bulldog will be willing to lay down after exhausting its strength. Emotional pain should be avoided if you want your pet to develop cuddling habits. Also, avoid inflicting physical injury on your French Bulldog.


Sometimes, your French Bulldog is not just moving closer to you; it is systematically passing a message across. Most dog owners generally believe French bulldog cuddles for cuddling sake. No! That is wrong. There are inherent meaning to this activity from your lovely pet. It could mean any of the following that I will be highlighting below;

1. Affection and Trust: By getting close to you, your French Bulldog might be telling you that it has trust in you. It could also be saying it cares about you and would be there for you at all times.

2. Appreciation: The French Bulldog shows gratitude by cuddling with their owners, indirectly saying they appreciate your care and protection.

3. Alert and Notification: When a French bulldog notice something strange, it cuddles the owner to call their attention to it. It is also a way of notifying their owner that they want something.

4. Comfort: Frenchie offers comfort to its owner through cuddling, especially when it is happy.


The cuddling of a French Bulldog can have a positive effect on the life of its owner. You can build a strong bond with your pet through this activity. Cuddling of your French Bulldog can ease pressure and trauma. However, French Bulldog cuddling is not an easy term as it may sound. Different Frenchie does it for different reasons, while some don’t cuddle their owner. If you want to derive the whole lots of benefits of cuddling, teach your French Bulldog to do so.