Male and Female Bulldog

After deciding to get an English bulldog, the next question that comes to mind is gender. Many find themselves in a state of confusion to choose between a male or a female English bulldog. Maybe that shouldn’t be the first thing to worry about; you might need to think about reputable breeders. This is because they are trustworthy with information and history of the parents of the puppy you are proposing to buy.

Being aware of the health problems of the ancestors can aid effective management of the new English bulldog regardless of whether it is male or female. It might be necessary for you to request for health cards if available. Luckily, you found a reputable breeder, what’s next after then? You will need to examine the bulldogs so that you can make a choice. Don’t be surprised as you will come across different types of English bulldogs with a significant difference in coats, colors, shape, and appearance.

Maybe your selection criteria exclude all that I mentioned above. What bothers you most is how to choose between a male and a female English bulldog. But what differentiates a male English bulldog from a female one? Why would you choose one over the other?

In the real sense, male English bulldogs possess distinctive features that the female doesn’t have and vice versa. The differences are noticeable in many aspects, such as physical appearance, temperaments, size, and training. As a prospective English bulldog owner, you can make your decision based on these characteristics. 

is it better to get a male or female bulldog


In terms of aggressiveness, female English bulldogs tend to be domineering than males. Despite the aggressive tendency, males are energetic with thick and loud voices than female English bulldogs, although they bark infrequently. Unlike males, female English bulldogs are sheepish, reserved, and friendly; they shower people affection beyond imagination.

No dogs like to be pushed beyond their limits, but when this happens, female English bulldogs are likely to react with a bite quickly than males. It doesn’t mean that males won’t be nippier, but they can endure better than the female.

Personality traits play a vital role when you are in the middle of deciding which English bulldog gender you should take home. If you want a lovable pet, consider adopting a female English. But if your criteria include that the pet should be energetic and playful, a male might be a suitable option.


There has been a debate over which of the two sexes of English bulldog is easy to train and within a short training period. As claimed by some dog trainers, female English bulldogs are submissive and will not wage dominance over a new owner after adoption. Because male English bulldogs are playful and dominant, it tends to be challenging to train them in a short course. Given the early maturity of females, trainers find it a bit easy to teach them.

Overall, it won’t be difficult to train both the male and the female English bulldog, considering that you sterilized them. This sterilization reduces the chances that they will be mood and aggressive as they grow. For example, a non- spayed male English bulldog will be dominant over other small dogs, and sometimes, their owner.


In the case of temperaments, you can hardly point to some apparent differences between male and female English bulldogs. However, in terms of mood stability, females get caught by mood swings easily compared to males, who have a stable mood. But according to some dog owners, it’s usually fun to be with female English bulldogs. They may be wrong, given that males are more playful and willing to move around with you at every opportunity they get.

The independent nature of English bulldogs affects males than females as it may increase the frustration of training them. On the other hand, females become mature at an early stage, which makes it easier to take them through the training process without pain.


There are some glaring differences in terms of physical appearance that could contribute to your choice of adoption. Non-spayed male English bulldogs have genitals, which can be irritating to some owners when they see the bulldog licking them. Considering this, you might prefer to go with a female English bulldog, although the adults have visible nipples after giving birth to many puppies.

Also, male English bulldogs like humping, which many dog owners dislike; they could bump on you, your valuables, and even visitors. Females show a high level of composure, given their level of maturity; they are not fond of this humping.


The English bulldog is a mid-sized dog with height and weight of about 31 to 40cm and 18 to 25 pounds, respectively. The slight difference in weight sees males with 2 to 4 pounds higher than female English bulldogs. The weight of males ranges between 23 and 25kg, while females range between 18 and 23kg. Naturally, the male English bulldogs have bigger heads and look like a bully compared to the small and slim looking females.


Heat period (cycles) occurs in female English bulldogs two times in a year. This cycle usually lasts for a maximum of three weeks or less, depending on the nature of the dog. When this happens, blood comes out of the bulldog’s body. If not taken care of, it could use the blood to stain the valuables in your apartment.

Therefore, as a dog owner, you might need to be aware of this period, so that you can buy diapers for your bulldog to avoid blemishes on your couches, carpets, beds, and clothing materials. Another thing associated with this heat period is mood swings, which could make the female English bulldog a bit aggressive.

Males get attracted to females during the heat period. To avoid breeding, you will need to separate her from males by locking her in a different room.


Any of the male and female English bulldogs would make a great pet. The distinctive features that they possess set them aside separately. In addition to these characteristics, they have pros and cons that you need to put into consideration. Therefore, the choice of gender of the English bulldog depends on the prospective owner’s criteria and requirements.

However, have it in mind that, selection of either male or female does not guarantee it will display all the factors mentioned above. Other determinants shape dog behavior, especially training.